The year of 2017 is approaching its (somewhat arbitrary) end, and it is time to evaluate it. My general reading goal is about one book per month. And in that regard I have had a great year because I've read at least double that. I published 15 reviews, and in hindsight I see it is a mixture of . personal stories, fiction, biographies and non fiction. I even managed to read a really good self help book, not to mention a few books on science. 2017 certainly was a good year! Some of the books have been read in english and some in norwegian, which in turn has lead me to write my reviews in the same language. mostly anyway. I cannot seem to make up my mind on whether I should write this blog in norwegian or english. If you as a reader have an opinion I would be glad to hear it. H... Les mer

, Notodden

I´m interested in the natural world and normally read books about science such as biology, our evolutionary history, astronomy, and general popscience. I occasionally dabble in archeology, philosophy, ancient history, and world religions too. To mention a few interests. I´ve also been interested in Diving, Kayaking, and Triathlon for years. Have also done all kinds of martial arts for more than 10 years. I´ve now been working for the Norwegian Humanist Association (Human-Etisk Forbund) since 2012.