In seven brief little lessons the Italian theoretical physicist Cario Rovelli gives the reader an absolutely astounding introduction to modern physics. From quantum theory, elementary particles, to black holes, time and space, and gravity. It is all explained in an awe-inspiring way, and it is all done in mere 79 pages.  I had decided to read more about the conflict(s) in the Middle East and put the science books away for a while. But then as many times before I happened to pass the book store at Oslo Airport Gardemoen. I am seldom able to walk away without buying books there. And this time I picked up Seven brief lessons on physics. It looked interesting not to mention very short. So short that I was sure my books about the Middle East wouldn´t be offended by me being unfaithful ... Les mer

, Notodden

I´m interested in the natural world and normally read books about science such as biology, our evolutionary history, astronomy, and general popscience. I occasionally dabble in archeology, philosophy, ancient history, and world religions too. To mention a few interests. I´ve also been interested in Diving, Kayaking, and Triathlon for years. Have also done all kinds of martial arts for more than 10 years. I´ve now been working for the Norwegian Humanist Association (Human-Etisk Forbund) since 2012.