The year 2016 in review

This year is coming to an end and many things have happened. I started out this year with the intention of reading and reviewing lots of books. The goal was to get at least 12 books under my belt. So far I've published one review, so it might seem I'm quite far away from my goal. Which is partly true. I have read more books than my goal, but I haven't taken the time to write the reviews. yet.

During this year I've become a father, I've bought my first apartment, and our lives have basically started a new chapter. It's been a crazy ride, but oh my it's been great! Before this year I would have rated the kayak trips to northern Norway as totally awesome! Which they were! don't get me wrong, but very little compares to becoming a parent. Didn't think I could cry from just looking at a baby.

But anyway... This was supposed to be about book reviews.   
The last few days of the year I intend on writing a short review of the following books: 

  • Collapse , how societies choose to fail or succeed by Jared Diamond.
  • The Knowledge, How to rebuild our world after an apocalypse by Lewis Dartnell
  • A study in scarlet, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Det som ble Norge, om fjell, is og liv gjennom 2902 millioner r av Reidar Mller
  • Lping, en verdenshistorie av Thor Gotaas
  • Off the map, Lost spaces, invisible cities, forgotten islands, feral places and what they tell us about the world, by Alastair Bonnett
  • Iran awakening by Shirin Ebadi
  • Trusselen mot IS, av Mah-Rukh Ali
  • To Sstre av sne Seierstad
  • Bibelen p 100 minutter, lest av Kre Conradi
  • Sapiens, A brief history on Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
  • Origin of species by Charles Darwin, read byRobin Field
  • Verdens beste pappa, hakkespettbok for smbarnsfedre av Per Asbjrn Risnes jr.
  • Huggorm, biologien, fobien, giften og mytologien av Karl H. Brox. 
  • A Blueprint for Armageddon, (a 25 hour podcast on WWI)

In hindsight these books reflect a mix of my personal interests (well duh..) and world events.
I have included a podcast on WWI, which I know is not a book, but it is a thorough story of the Great War, The War to end all wars.  Books, articles, and stories I've read about the unrest in the Middle East point to the division of the Ottoman Empire after WWI as at least a factor in the numerous conflict in the region today. That's why I included it in my list of books. 

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