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This book is an awesome combination of 1980s nostalgia, video game trivia, and a quest from a roleplaying game. All set in a dystopian future where almost everybody has logged on to OASIS. So if you grew up in the 80s and 90s and played more than a few video games this is definitely a book you should read.

It is 2044 and the world has gone to shit due to a combination of energy crisis, climate change and political chaos. A large part of the population has escaped into OASIS, which is a combination of a virtual reality simulator, a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and the internet. It even has the worlds most stable currency. OASIS was created by James Halliday who will give away the company, all his wealth and control of the OASIS to the one who finds the Easter Egg he has hidden within the game. This was all revealed in his last will after his death. 

Thousands of egg hunters, or Gunters for short, searches the all the different worlds in OASIS, to be the first to solve the riddles that lead to the three keys. Which in turn lead to the final easter egg. The gunters also obsess about anything related to 1980s pop culture, which was the favorite decade of the late James Halliday. This goes on for several years before the start of the novel. So this is basically the story about how the lead character and storyteller Wade Watts searches for and eventually finds the egg. The main antagonist is Nolan Sorrento and he is in charge of the multinational corporation called Innovative Online Industries. 

I got this book for xmas last year from my friends Erlend and yvind. But I must say I put off reading it for one dumb little reason. The book has almost 400 pages, and after reading a few books with only about 200 that felt almost too much. Told you the reason was dumb. anyway..

It turned out I had nothing to fear because the book was very captivating. In fact I don't think I've been this caught up in a book for years. I read it on the bus, in the morning before work, after work, before I went to bed and I even dreamt about it.  I ended up finishing the book in less than a week. Imagine that I first thought the book was a bit long.

Needless to say I loved the book. I had a blast reading it, remembering old video games and movies from the 80s. Finally the endless hours I spent playing video games payed off! I really liked the way the internet of the future is portrayed. It is like a merge between the 2D internet we have today with the MMORPGs. They even put it to good use and used it as a platform for school. Imagine all the benefits! No more commuting or needing to spend money on upgrading the school building. But at the same time the author shows that OASIS has become a voluntary prison where people escape reality. Not too different from how some people use computer games today. 

While preparing for this review I learned that Ready Player One will become a movie by next year. It will be directed by no other than Steven Spielberg. I am looking forward to that. The book obviously has its own wiki website. A lot of the games mentioned can be played online for free. Just google them or maybe even start here. You can spend hours going down memory lane there. 

Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, has written fan fiction which explains a lot. But don't read it unless you already read the book. 

The book is available from Amazon.  There are also some pretty great Reviews on GoodReads

Rating: 5/6
Pages: 372

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